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Sunduster, 1980
Richard McLean (b. 1934, Hoquiam, Washington) is known for his depictions of show and race horses. Since the 1970s McLean has used his own photographs as source material. Recently, he has concentrated on landscapes in which horses are incidental details. To date, he has completed 203 paintings, many of which are held in notable collections including Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. McLean received his B.F.A. from California College of Arts and Crafts and his M.F.A. from Mills College.

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Accessibility Statement
Watsonville Truffle II, Oil on linen, 1992
Lynne's Brymar Shantytown, Oil on linen, 1991
Angus with Blue Butler, watercolor on paper, 1974
Standing Figures with Bag Lunch, oil on canvas, 1980
Sunduster, watercolor, 1980
R- Sir Prize, watercolor, 1975
Arbuckle Farmscape, oil on linen, 1998
Sour Grass Road, oil on linen, 2003
Diamond Tinker and Jet Chex, oil on canvas, 1977
Wester Tableau with Rhodesian Ridgeback (Trails West), oil on linen, 1993
North Country, watercolor on paper, 1997
Veronica's Shanghai Duchess, oil on linen, 1993
Cordelia Winter (Smiling Barn), oil on linen, 2002
Nicole's Smokey Doc, watercolor on paper, 1990
South Dakota Farmscape, oil on linen, 2001
The Depot, oil on linen, 2001
The Bee Farm #2, oil on panel, 2002
Greentree's Sole Gin, lithograph, 1972
T'N Sugar, watercolor on paper, 2011
Mackey Marie, oil on linen, 1971
Untitled Mt. Jefferson, oil on linen, 2002
English Sorrel with Blue Trailor, watercolor on paper, 1981
Mark's Poker Chip, watercolor on paper, 1976