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Psyche 'n Cycle, 2002
Tom Blackwell (b. 1938, Chicago, Illinois) is one of the earliest Photorealist painters. Though he began his career as an Abstract Expressionist, Blackwell is best known for his large, iconic paintings of motorcycles. He has also completed a series of storefront windows containing mannequins and street reflections. Blackwell is a recipient of the American Academy & Institute of Arts and Letters purchase award, as well as several state grants. To date he has completed 153 paintings.

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Accessibility Statement
Psyche 'n Cycle, oil on canvas, 2002
Naples Series: Purple Harley with Fringe, oil on canvas, 2001
Red Lightning, oil on canvas, 2002
58th and Fifth, Spring, ,
Swimwear, ,
Triumph Trumpet, oil on canvas, 1977
Piazza Duomo, Milan, oil on canvas, 2005
No Parking, oil on canvas, 2005
Ralph Lauren, oil on paper and board,
Ferrariworld, oil on canvas, 2006
Market Basket Harley, oil on canvas, 2006
Sagaponack Sunday, oil on linen, 2003
Black Harley, Late Afternoon, oil on canvas, 2001
Market Basket Harley, acrylic on paper, 2007
Laconia Village Green, water and acrylic on canvas, 2007
Chantal Thomass, Rue St. Honore, Morning, oil on canvas, 2007
Swiss Miss, oil on canvas, 2008
Coffee Break at Barnie's, Sarasota, oil on canvas, 2009
Santa Monica Harley, screenprint on masonite, 1977
Shatzi, screenprint on masonite, 1977
Linda's English Garden Rose, oil on canvas, 1996
Morning in Monaco, oil on canvas, 2009
Triumph Trumpet, screenprint on paper, 1980
Naples Custom Chopper, oil on canvas, 2009
Madison 79th NYC, oil on canvas, 2009
Kiss Kiss, Place Vendôme, Twilight, oil on canvas, 2010
Broadway, oil on canvas, 1982
56' Harley, lithograph, 1973
Gap Outlet, Waterside Shops, Naples, FL, oil on canvas, 2004
The Blue Dress, Monte Carlo: Homage to Ingres' Princesse de Broglie, oil on canvas, 2011
Parked Harley - Third Street Naples, oil on canvas, 2010
Morning Walk, Hampstead High Street, London, oil on linen, 2011
Sequined Mannequins, oil on canvas, 1985
The Red Dress, oil on linen, 2012
Lou’s Virago, oil on masonite, 2000
Perla, Madison Ave., NYC, oil on canvas, 2012
Surf Club Harleys, Fort Meyers Beach, Florida, oil on canvas, 2013
Linda at Waterside Shops, Naples, FL, oil on canvas, 2013
Screamin’ Eagle Harley, Naples, FL, oil on canvas, 2015
Exiting Celine, Race Week, Monaco, oil on canvas, 2014-15
Indian’s Chopper Modified ’57 Harley, oil on canvas, 1971
Met Breuer Reflected, oil on canvas, 2016
Thompson Street Triumph, oil on canvas, 1975
Rheinbeck Red East Market Street, oil on canvas, 2017
Tom Ford Corner, oil on board, 2018