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American Athena, patinated bronze with gilded ornament, 1989
Bernini Angel, polychromed, patinated and guilded bronze, 1998
First Maquette For 'Queen Catherine of Braganza', patinated and gilded bronze with jewels, 1993
Civitas: Four Visions (Gateway To The City Of Rock Hill), patinated and gilded bronze, 1991
Diana, gold-plated bronze with jewels, 1998
Egyptian Rocket Goddess, patinated bronze, 1990
Galatea, polychromed and gilded resin, 1998
Quewe Pehelle, polychromed, patinated and gilded bronze, 1998
Quewe Pehelle (Detail), polychromed, patinated and gilded bronze, 1998
Receiver Of The Sun (Sun Goddess), polychromed resin with objects, 1990
The Art Muse, gold-plated bronze with jewels, 1988
1st Maquette For 'Queen Catherine Of Braganza', patinated and gilded bronze, jewels and crystal ba, 1994
Apollina, ,
Rich Art, , 1972-3
Chanel, , 1974
Queen, acrylic on canvas, 1976
Marilyn (Vanitas), oil on canvas, 1977
Wheel of Fortune (Vanitas), acrylic and oil on canvas, 1977-8
Energy Apples, , 1980
Invocation, , 1982
Marilyn: Golden Girl, oil over acrylic on canvas, 1978
Shiva Blue, oil over acrylic on canvas, 1973
Royal Flush, screenprint on paper, 1977
A Pear to Heade and Heal, oil and acrylic on canvas, 1983
Crayola, acrylic on canvas, 1973