Accessibility Statement
Mack Split, ,
Ride On Target, oil on canvas, 2004
Got De-Tiger By Detail, oil on canvas, 2004
Pre-Emineminence, oil on linen, 2003
Yellow Porsche, ,
Mongoose, ,
Peckerheads, ,
Grown Men, ,
Sprint and Dodge, oil on linen, 2003
Still Life - 24, oil on linen, 2003
7/24, oil on canvas, 2005
Reflectcelfer, oil on canvas, 2004
No Ear, No Fear, Blackwater, oil on canvas, 2004
Double Mac Whoppers, oil on linen, 1993
Navy Ate Your Life, oil on canvas, 2009
Erector Set, oil on canvas, 2007
Betty Crocker Rocket Fuel Racing, oil on canvas, 2007
Mustang Sally - The Third Cross, screenprint on masonite, 1978
A.J. Foyt, Cartwheel Series, screenprint on paper, 1977
Johncock - Cartwheel Series, lithograph, 1978
Rutherford - Cartwheel Series, lithograph, 1978
1977 U.S.A.C. Champ Tom Sneva, lithograph, 1978
A.J. Foyt And The Borg Warner Times Four, lithograph, 1978
Commemorative, lithograph, 1977
Starry Starry Knight, oil on canvas, 2009
R. C. Porsche, lithograph,
Unser - Commemorative, lithograph,
Life Flight Helicopter #1, lithograph,
Life Flight Helicopter #2, lithograph,
A Hose, A Rose is a Rose, lithograph,
B H Tugboat, lithograph,
#14 Roadster, lithograph,
J and B Sign (A.C.), lithograph,
White Firetruck, lithograph,
Flying Scot, lithograph, 1973
Red Bull Sitting, oil on canvas, 2011
Mayflower Crossing Plymouth Rock, acrylic on linen, 1978
First Precinct Scooters, acrylic on canvas, 1976
Reflectcelfer, oil on canvas, 2004
Under the Wing of Johncock’s Power Stilt, acrylic on canvas, 1974
Manhattan on the Hudson, acrylic on canvas, 1979