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Don Jacot (b. 1949, Chicago, Illinois) is best known for his larger-than-life sized paintings of tin toys. Initially influenced by Charles Bell’s still lifes, Jacot has recently developed a completely new take on Photorealism by combining still life and landscape. The imagery for this new series is sourced from historical photographs of mid-twentieth-century America, scale model vehicles, and photographs of signage and other details from the time period. He paints by hand and rarely uses an airbrush. Jacot began exhibiting his work regularly in the 1980s and his paintings are held in many public collections in Detroit. He received his B.A. from University of Illinois, Champaign and his B.S. from Mercy College of Detroit.

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Accessibility Statement
Big Race, oil on linen, 2006
Garbo's, oil on linen, 2001
Atomic Robot Men, oil on linen, 1998
Retro-Active, oil on linen, 1998
Storefront Window, Cinatown, NY, oil on linen, 1993
Car Hops, oil on linen, 2005
Times Square 1937, ,
Pals, oil on canvas, 2005
Bell' Amico, oil on linen, 2005
Space Cadets, oil on linen, 2005
Robot Men, oil on linen, 2005
Show Business, oil on linen, 2005
Archery Lesson, oil on linen, 2005
Three Friends, oil on linen, 2006
Octopuses Garden, oil on canvas, 2005
Flash Gordon, oil on linen, 2007
High Five, oil on canvas, 2007
Rouge Power Plant, oil on linen, 2002
Flying Saucers, oil on linen, 2008
Space Guns, oil on linen, 2008
Rush Hour, oil on linen, 2009
Racing Men, oil on linen,
Cross Town Traffic, oil on linen, 2010
Atom Racer, oil on linen, 2010
Ecstasy and True Love, gouache on board, 1992
42nd Street, 1934, oil on linen, 2011
Betty's gala Premiere, oil on linen, 2011
Popeye on Broadway, oil on linen, 2011
Steam Power: Dearborn Station, Chicago, 1938 (After Andreas Feininger), oil in linen, 2011
Space Guns, oil on linen, 2008
The Right Stuff, oil on linen, 2013
Herald Square, 1936 (After Berenice Abbott), oil on linen, 2013
Herald Square, 1936 (After Berenice Abbott), oil on linen, 2012
Katrinka, 18 x 12", 2014
Monkey Business, oil on linen, 2014
The Palace Theater, 1953, oil on linen, 2014
Carrousels, oil on linen, 1992
Twentieth Century, oil on linen, 2015
Time Piece, oil on linen, 2002
46th & Broadway, 1954, oil on linen, 2015
47th & Broadway, Looking North, 1954, oil on canvas, 2016
Times Square, 1955, oil on linen, 2017
Monaco Port Hercule View From the Palace Grounds, oil on masonite, 2017
Night Vendor, oil on panel, 2017
Victorian Haight Street, guache on board, 1991
Paris Looking South, oil on masonite, 2017
Brooklyn Diner, oil on board, 2018
Sweet Tooth on Broadway, oil on linen, 2019