Ralph Ralph - Biography - Louis K. Meisel Gallery
River Valley Still Life, 1976
Ralph Goings (b. 1928, Corning, California) has created 375 paintings in several in several diverse series of paintings throughout his career. His first series depicted pickup trucks in rural areas, and his second series of diner interiors and still lifes, has been highly acclaimed. Goings’ new work has focused on small, detailed images of a few or single objects from the earlier diner still lifes. He works exclusively from 35mm color slides, projecting them onto his canvas. He received his B.F.A. from California College of Arts and Crafts and his M.F.A. from Sacramento State College.

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Dick's Union General, oil on linen, 1971
Golden Dodge, oil on canvas, 1971
Donuts and Coffee, watercolor on paper, 1994
River Valley Still Life, oil on linen, 1976
Blue Chip, oil on canvas, 1969
Still Life - Back View, oil on linen, 1990
Ice Water, watercolor on paper, 1974
Laundry Interior, watercolor on paper, 1974
Smith's Ford Custom, watercolor, 1974
Blueberry Pie, watercolor, 1980
Coffee Machine, oil on canvas, 1991
Paul's Corner Cushion, oil on canvas, 1970
Miss Albany Diner, oil on linen, 1993
Schoharie Diner, oil on canvas, 1979
Gallen Kamp Ford, watercolor, 1972
Blue Napkin Holder, oil on canvas, 1978
Blue Table Cloth, oil on canvas, 1987
Griddle Inn, screenprint on masonite, 1978
Camper, lithograph, 1972
Diner Still Life, oil on canvas, 1980
Still Life with Water Glass, oil on canvas, 1998
Gas Can (Charlotteville Store), watercolor on paper, 2003
Ketchup, watercolor on foamcore, 1989
Ketchup, watercolor on illustration board, 1988
Salt Shaker, watercolor on foamcore, 1988
Steak Sauce, Sugar Shaker & Pepper, watercolor on illustration board, 1996
Sugar Shaker, watercolor on foamcore, 1994
Tom's Diner, oil on canvas, 1997
Jeep 40 809B (Safway Jeep), oil on canvas, 1969
Amsterdam Diner, oil on canvas, 1980
Perth Diner Still Life, oil on canvas, 1980
Rock Ola, watercolor on paper, 1992