Anthony Anthony - Biography - Louis K. Meisel Gallery
Fraumunster at Night, 2008
Anthony Brunelli (b. 1968, Plattsburgh, New York) began to identify as a Photorealist painter in the early 1990s while receiving his B.F.A. in studio art from State University of New York at Binghamton. His panoramic paintings depict rural areas and urban cityscapes from upstate New York to large European cities.

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Clinton Square, ,
Parlor City, ,
Hanoi Market, oil on linen, 2003
Monument Square (Troy), oil on linen, 1997
Lackawana Station, ,
Tioga County, ,
Trinity, , 2003
Prague Market, oil on linen, 2006
Trick Jak, oil on linen, 2005
Candy Street (Hanoi), oil on linen, 2006
Jack Danielson's (Cortland, NY), oil on linen, 1997
View of Binghamton, oil on canvas, 1996
Arno at Dusk, oil on linen, 2007
Fraumunster at Night, oil on linen, 2008
Paradeplatz, oil on linen, 2009
Main Street, oil on canvas, 1994
Straw Market, oil on linen, 2009
Pont Saint Michel, oil on linen, 2002
Bonkers (St. Andrew's, Scotland), oil on linen, 2010
Court and Chenango, 34 x 82", 1994
View from the Fairmont, oil on canvas, 2011
Banana Lady (Hanoi), oil on canvas, 2012
Banana Lady (Hanoi), oil on canvas, 2012
Plaza Mayor, oil on linen, 2014
Prato Della Valle (Padua), oil on polyester , 2013
Hanoi Market 2, oil on linen, 2015-16
Depot at Dusk, oil on canvas, 2017
Trick Jak, oil on linen, 2005