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The Steinway Centennial Grand

Louis K. Meisel Gallery currently houses two Centennial pianos from 1876 and 1877
Louis K. Meisel Gallery currently houses
two Centennial pianos from 1876 and 1877.
Steinway Centennial Concert Grand, Serial #:34906, Built: March 1876
Steinway Centennial Rosewood Concert Grand
Built: March 1876
Foundry Casting: March 5, 1876
Serial: 34906

This Steinway Centennial Rosewood Concert Grand, serial number 34906 was built in March 1876 with the Steinway foundry casting date of March 5, 1876 on the plate and a workman's signature on the side of key 88 dated Marz '76. The instrument has an extra heavy plate and the extra third section capo d'astro bar made under C.F. Theodore Steinway's supervision early in 1876. It became known as the Centennial after being exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and winning the gold medal.

This instrument comes with the original purchase document and was acquired by the present owner from the great-grandson of the original owner. The instrument has the original ebony sharps and flawless, very thick (1/16 inch) one piece ivories. The original action is meticulously restored with 20 pound hammers, made by Norbert Abel. The Centennial is the first fully modern piano with string tensions greater than the current mass-produced Concert Grand that initially went into production after 1877. Its fundamental sustainability and power, through all registers, is unsurpassed.

In his authoritative book, Pianos and Their Makers, Alfred Dolge discusses the Steinway Centennial Rosewood Concert Grand. He points out how Theodore Steinway through his friendship with Helmholtz and other scientists was inspired by their research to make the breakthrough design which lead to this innovative piano.