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Picture of Louis & Susan in their SoHo loft

Louis & Susan in their SoHo loft
Background: Charles Bell “Sixteen Candles”, 1992

The Meisels are long-time residents of SoHo and the East End, specifically Sagaponack, which has been an artist enclave since the turn of the century. It is there that they maintain the Sagaponack Sculpture Field, an outdoor sculpture collection open to the public, which features their large-scale sculptures and their Beech tree collection.

Louis Meisel is vice chair of Concert Artist’s Guild, and he is on the boards of Pro Musicis, and Pianofest. He is the Classical Music Curator of the Parrish Museum in Watermill, Southampton. He represents, presents, promotes and assists classical musicians in their careers. Louis and Susan jointly present 15 to 30 concerts and recitals a year both in their loft and gallery, as well as at concert halls in and around New York City. 

Susan Meisel is a painter, photographer and real estate aficionado. She has independently run her company Meisel Real Estate since 1984. In recent years, her interests have turned to catering and food photography. She has written seven books that feature her photography; these include “Shop, Cook, Eat New York”, “Fresh from the Farm” and “New York Sweets”, which were published by Rizzoli. In Summer 2019, Susan and Louis helped launch a new restaurant in Bridgehampton called Armin & Judy.

Their personal art collection of Louis K. and Susan P. Meisel has been exhibited in over 200 museums and other venues worldwide since 1970.