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Andrew Valko

Andrew Valko (b. 1957, Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a well-known Canadian Realist whose paintings explore the psychological tension caused by observation. Layered with open-ended ambiguity, his compositions subtly weave narratives that imply that there is much more than meets the eye. The works are set in neon-lit motels, drive-in theatres and parking lots; it is in these transient locations that Valko captures intense moments that tell an unfinished story.

Andrew Valko graduated with an arts degree from Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he studied printmaking with Toshi Yoshida in Japan. He has participated in many group shows throughout North America and internationally, including at the Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta; Deluth Art Center, Deluth, Minnesota; National Art Center, Ottawa, Ontario; Duxbury Art Museum, Boston, Massachusetts; Danforth Museum of Art, Massachusetts; Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipan, Taiwan, and Le Musée de Arts Modestes, Sete, France.

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Featured Works

— Andrew Valko

Currently On View

Summer Solstice

6 June — 19 July, 2024

The Louis K Meisel Gallery is pleased to present Summer Solstice. This exhibition brings together a selection of works by Photorealists centered around celebrating the summer aesthetic. The show will feature recent works of the artists represented by the gallery, including Jack Mendenhall, Bertrand Meniel, Bernardo Torrens and Anthony Brunelli. Whether they are rendered in black and white or saturated with color, these works radiate the heat of the warm summer months.

install photo
Jack Mendenhall, Bellagio II, 2007
install photo
Bertrand Meniel, Albion Hotel, 2001
install photo
Robert Neffson, Morning Walk, 2024
install photo

Previous Exhibitions

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painting by Bernardo Torrens

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painting by Bertrand Meniel

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Booth AM406

30 November — 5 December, 2021

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Virtual Exhibition

11 March — 5 June, 2021

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