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Ariel DeAndrea

Ariel DeAndrea (b. 1981, San Francisco, California) is an up-and-coming painter and installation artist, whose works are influenced by her own personal narrative and Japanese iconography. Her paintings combine technical elements of Photorealism with a surrealistic stylization that is distinctly her own. Looking to the crane as a symbol of hope and salvation, the artist creates detailed paintings of these delicate origami birds. The imagery is at once intensely poetic and strategically understated. Ariel DeAndrea is the daughter of famed sculptor John DeAndrea.

Featured Works

— Ariel DeAndrea

Previous Exhibitions

painting by Johannes Müller-Franken

Visualizing Schubert

11 January — 2 March, 2024

Art Miami 2019

Art Miami 2019

Featuring Mel Ramos Paintings - Booth #AM412

3 December — 8 December, 2019

Food for Thought

A Selection of Small Works Curated by Susan Meisel

28 February — 30 March, 2019

Art Miami 2018 Booth

Art Miami 2018

4 December — 9 December, 2018

Ariel DeAndrea

Ebb and Flow

14 June — 20 July, 2018

Recent Press
— Ariel DeAndrea

Ariel Deandrea
Highlark, 31/01/2020

Ebb and Flow
Ariel DeAndrea
Blouin Artinfo, 16/07/2018

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