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Bernardo Torrens

Bernardo Torrens (b. 1957 Madrid, Spain) is a self-taught painter primarily known for his monochromatic nudes. Torrens infuses temperature into his black and white paintings to create the feeling of color within his gray palate. In recent years, he has also begun to experiment with chromatic compositions as well. His works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Torrens was commissioned to paint a portrait of the former President of the Spanish Parliament, Mr. Felix Pons.

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Featured Works

— Bernardo Torrens

Currently On View

Spring Selections

6 May — 25 May, 2023

installation image of Spring Selections
Robert Neffson, 42nd Street Library
installation image of Spring Selections
Jack Mendenhall, Tree and Fountain
installation image of Spring Selections
Raphaella Spence, La Foresta di Smeraldo
installation image of Spring Selections
Bertrand Meniel, Marcy Ave Station

Previous Exhibitions

Riva Caduti by Franken Muller

Winter 2023

3 January — 28 January, 2023

painting by Bertrand Meniel

Art Miami 2022

Booth AM408

29 November — 4 December, 2022

Herald by Robert Neffson

Recent Acquisitions

6 September — 24 September, 2022

Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Southampton Art Center, Southampton, NY

2 September — 5 September, 2021

Dusk till Dawn

10 December , 2021— 24 February, 2022

Art Miami 2021

Booth AM406

30 November — 5 December, 2021

Recent Press
— Bernardo Torrens

Bernardo Torrens
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GS Magazine, 29/10/2021

Bernardo Torrens
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American Art Collector, 01/10/2009

European Photorealism in New York
European Photorealism in New York
American Art Collector

Interview with Bernardo Torrens
rht art magazine, 01/03/2011

Bernardo Torrens
American Art Collector, 01/10/2005

Q & A with Bernardo Torrens
Bernardo Torrens
Poets and Artists

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