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Bradford Boobis (b. 1927, New York City; d. 1972, New York City) was a known Hollywood composer, before he turned to art at the age of 32. It was through painting that Boobis expressed his grief after a personal family tragedy.

In the 1960s, Boobis quickly rose to recognition with shows at the Chanin Gallery in New York. Soon after, three of his paintings were loaned to the Library of Presidential Papers through express approval from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the time, he was the only living artist to be included in the Metropolitan’s collection.

Boobis was later commissioned to paint a Lenin portrait in conjunction with exhibition shows at the State Museums of Moscow and Leningrad in the late 1960s. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack at the height of his career in 1972.

Self-Portrait of the Artist, showing himself emerging from the darkness

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