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Interior with Floral - Jack Mendenhall
Blue Couch and Chair - Jack Mendenhall
Dining Room with Arbor - Jack Mendenhall

Jack Mendenhall

Jack Mendenhall (b. 1937, Ventura, California) is a California-based painter, whose interest in printed advertising imagery led to his inclusion in the Photorealist movement. In his early years, Mendenhall created paintings of curated luxurious home interiors, which he used as a subtle societal critique. His later paintings evolved to include optimistic depictions of exotic resorts that feature pools, palm trees and relaxation. Mendenhall’s prolific career spans over 50 years. His work is in the collections of the University of California, Berkeley and the Oakland Museum. Mendenhall lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Jack Mendenhall in his studio

Jack Mendenhall in his studio

Featured Works

— Jack Mendenhall

Currently On View

Summer Solstice

6 June — 19 July, 2024

The Louis K Meisel Gallery is pleased to present Summer Solstice. This exhibition brings together a selection of works by Photorealists centered around celebrating the summer aesthetic. The show will feature recent works of the artists represented by the gallery, including Jack Mendenhall, Bertrand Meniel, Bernardo Torrens and Anthony Brunelli. Whether they are rendered in black and white or saturated with color, these works radiate the heat of the warm summer months.

install photo
Jack Mendenhall, Bellagio II, 2007
install photo
Bertrand Meniel, Albion Hotel, 2001
install photo
Robert Neffson, Morning Walk, 2024
install photo

Previous Exhibitions

painting by Bertrand Meniel

Art Miami 2023

Booth AM408

5 December — 10 December, 2023

Dusk till Dawn

10 December , 2021— 24 February, 2022

New Beginnings: Spring 2021

Virtual Exhibition

11 March — 5 June, 2021

Detail of Gniewek's painting Greektown

Recent Acquisitions

Virtual Exhibition

1 July — 14 October, 2020

Lucky Dragon - Bertrand Meniel

American Landscapes

8 January — 15 February, 2020

Food for Thought

A Selection of Small Works Curated by Susan Meisel

28 February — 30 March, 2019

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