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Robert Neffson

Robert Neffson (b. 1949, New York, New York) often incorporates detailed street scenes and window reflections into his paintings of New York City. While cityscapes helped to launch Neffson’s career, in recent years, he has broadened his subject matter to include the architectural elements found in museum interiors. Neffson’s paintings are held in notable collections including New York Life Insurance Company in NY, Roswell Museum and Art Center in Roswell, NM, and Wellington Management Company in Boston, MA. He received both his B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Boston University.

Portrait of the artist Robert Neffson with his painting

Robert Neffson, 2018

Featured Works

— Robert Neffson

Previous Exhibitions

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Art Miami

SoHo Edition

2 December , 2020— 29 January, 2021

CROPPED-IMAGE-Arnot Art Museum-Exterior

High Fidelity: Anthony Brunelli & the Digital Age Photorealists

14 February — 30 August, 2020

Met Fifth Century, Robert Neffson

Selected Photorealism

13 June — 19 July, 2019

Food for Thought

A Selection of Small Works Curated by Susan Meisel

28 February — 30 March, 2019

Art Miami 2018 Booth

Art Miami 2018

4 December — 9 December, 2018

Robert Neffson

Museum Insider

6 September — 6 October, 2018

Recent Press
— Robert Neffson

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