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Roberto Bernardi

Roberto Bernardi (b. 1974, Todi, Italy) was trained in the methods and techniques of the great Italian masters before embracing twenty-first-century technology. He combines his traditional and technological skills to create Photorealist still lifes of wrapped candy and glassware. The use of high gloss varnish gives Bernardi’s finished paintings a deceivingly photographic appearance.

Featured Works

— Roberto Bernardi

Upcoming Exhibition

Raphaella Spence & Roberto Bernardi

8 October — 7 November, 2020

Romanzo Romano - Raphaella Spence
San Pietro dal Tevere - Raphaella Spence
Central Park in the Evening - Raphaella Spence
L'Estremo Desiderio - Roberto Bernardi
The Clan - Roberto Bernardi
Little Yellow Lollipop - Roberto Bernardi

Previous Exhibitions

Image of Meisel Gallery's Virtual Booth

Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

On View through Labor Day

23 July — 7 September, 2020

CROPPED-IMAGE-Arnot Art Museum-Exterior

High Fidelity: Anthony Brunelli & the Digital Age Photorealists

14 February — 30 August, 2020

Met Fifth Century, Robert Neffson

Selected Photorealism

13 June — 19 July, 2019

Tom Blackwell - Broadway

Reflections, Ripples + Shadows

15 November — 22 December, 2018

FIA exterior CROPPED

From Lens to Eye to Hand

Photorealism 1969 to Today

21 April — 12 October, 2018

Parrish Museum exterior CROPPED

From Lens to Eye to Hand

Photorealism 1969 to Today

6 August , 2017— 21 January, 2018

Recent Press
— Roberto Bernardi

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Roberto Bernardi
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