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“Tara (detail)”

by John DeAndrea
polychromed bronze
4 x 2 feet

More About The Artist

John DeAndrea

John DeAndrea (b. 1941, Denver, Colorado) is a hyperrealist sculptor who is best known for his depictions of nudes and lovers. Casting from life, he often used his close friends and family as his subjects in an attempt to capture their uniqueness and authenticity. DeAndrea uses an ever-evolving array of self-taught techniques to create his extremely realistic sculptures; ever striving to make his work even more realistic, DeAndrea works with many types of media that includes polyvinyl, polyester, glass fiber, paint, human hair and later bronze. DeAndrea’s work is in several permanent collections in major museums including the Ludwig Museum, Cologne, the Chicago Museum of Art, and the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris.

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